When people are looking for a good enterprise-level eCommerce platform, they usually want to focus on the best platforms that are currently available on the market. In most cases, the most used platforms are also the best ones. But, how to choose from a few popular platforms created for enterprise-level eCommerce users? The best idea is to compare them. That’s why we have spent some time analyzing Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise. Here are the results of this comparison.

Customization options

It’s worth mentioning that Magento Enterprise is an open-source platform. As such, it allows a higher level of customization compared to Shopify Plus. However, accessing and modifying the modules in this platform is not easy. As a matter of fact, you have to possess some coding and designing skills in order to customize everything on your site. On the other hand, Shopify Plus provides decent customization possibilities which can be conducted even by complete beginners in this field. The structure of this platform is made in a way which makes it user-friendly. On top of that, Shopify Plus features a wide range of themes that can help you develop an eCommerce site right away.

Responsive design

The Shopify themes we’ve mentioned above are created to be mobile-friendly. So, whenever a consumer visits your eCommerce site with the help of their tablet or smartphone, the design adjusts to the display of their device and provides an ideal customer experience. Keep in mind that there are more than 100 free as well as premium themes. While it’s true that Magento Enterprise allows users to create a mobile-friendly environment, it’s also true that achieving a goal like this is not simple or easy. You have to test the features and use coding knowledge to get the best results. Read More Magento enterprise alternative

Customer support

Finally, we will focus on another important feature – customer support. Magento Enterprise comes with professional tech support. But, this support is primarily available to new users that are trying to build their sites. If you want to develop your shop further, you will probably need to hire a web development agency. Shopify Plus is definitely better when it comes to customer support because they have a huge network of professionals like solution engineers, launch engineers, front-end designers and other professionals that can help you develop and maintain a modern and successful online store.